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A TJA Feature on -planK- May 03 07:55am -9 comments- was kind enough to do a feature on our SWTOR guilds, complete with interviews with our guild leaders, R2D2 and Alex D'Kana! It's a great read, so check it out!

Many thanks to Kristen Archer for making this happen, and of course, to Alex and R2 for their amazing work! Thanks guys! :)

10th Anniversary events and more! -planK- Apr 20 06:43pm -2 comments-
With our 10th anniversary coming up in May, we're celebrating with a series of events within the JA community - and first up is the Jedi Academy 10th Anniversary tournament! You can sign up for the tournament here - signups will end on April 22nd and the tournament will begin on April 23rd. A $50 Amazon gift card goes to the winner, and a $20 Amazon gift card will go to the runner up, so don't miss out!

Alexander D'Kana, the leader of our European SWTOR guild, has also posted a thread where members of the JA community can share their memories and experiences.

There's much more to come in the next few weeks; stay tuned! :)

A Reminder: We're on! -planK- Apr 16 10:10am -0 comments-
If you play Star Wars: The Old Republic, I highly recommend you check out The Jedi Academy on! This is the temporary home of our SWTOR guilds on The Red Eclipse and Jedi Covenant SWTOR servers!

Go see what all the fuss is about! In the meantime, make sure to keep up with updates on and watch out for our new website, coming very soon!

Our 10th Anniversary! -Virtue- Apr 12 04:05pm -2 comments-
That's right! The Jedi Academy opened its doors 10 years ago on May 17th, and you're all old as hell!!

So you might want to check out this thread, because it's about our anniversary tournament!

I've gotta catch 'em all! -DJ Sith- Apr 02 05:24am -3 comments-
Happy April Fools Day, when the entire Internet goes wacky wacky. :)

Lets Play JKA! -planK- Mar 21 03:32pm -7 comments-
On March 25th, this Sunday, join us on our JKA server at 8pm GMT/3pm EST for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy shenanigans! Duels, TFFA and CTF!

Hope to see you all there! :)

Have your say! -planK- Mar 18 05:04pm -0 comments-
Want to help shape the future of Of course you do! So head on over to this thread on the forums and let us know what you think!

Here's the scoop! -planK- Mar 16 06:02pm -1 comment-
There's been no news posts for a while because we've all been so busy playing SWTOR and other fun games, so here's the skinny on current events!

The Website: A new website is almost complete, but our talented and sexually attractive architect Virtue has been swamped with rl commitments, hence the delay in getting it up. In the meantime, if you play SWTOR come and check out our temporary Jedi Academy SWTOR guild site! All of our Jedi Knight II/Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy content will remain on in the meantime!

Play JKA Capture The Flag? Check out the NovaGenesis Spring 2012 Tournament!

And finally, play Starcraft 2. It's so awesome omg.

We have a Dark Side! -planK- Jan 12 07:54pm -7 comments-
Introducing our new SWTOR Guild on "The Red Eclipse" EU server: 'The Sith Praxeum'.

TSP will be a sister Guild to our current EU TJA Guild and will give members the opportunity to create a Sith character and levelling whilst staying in the framework we are building here at TJA.

This has both come later and earlier than expected. Initially we planned to launch into TOR with Guilds for both factions, however upon reflection we decided to focus on the one Guild for each region.

Considering this it may seem a bit ambitious to open up this new Guild when we are still building up our EU Republic guild. The decision was not made lightly, however after discussing it in Guild Chat in TOR it became apparent that most members were, at least, planning to play Sith characters.

With this in mind, and considering that we will soon have our first batch of level 50s in the guild, it felt like the right time to set up our shadowy counterpart. If nothing else it allowed us to bookmark a name and would mean that as members decided to see what the Sith story was like we could sign them up and get people playing together with as little fuss as possible.

With all that said we can also announce our first scheduled event for TOR:

The Sith Praxeum launch event!
Saturday 14th Jan and Sunday 15th Jan, all day with flashpoint runs and heroics and other social events guaranteed to be taking place after 6pm GMT.

We intend to get TS up and running for this as well.

PS. rumours of the dark side having cookies have been greatly exaggerated. Get your own damned cookies!

Happy New Year! -planK- Jan 01 02:21am -7 comments-
Happy new year everyone! Have a great weekend and be safe! :)

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