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10th Anniversary Tournament - Results Masta 41 May 20 08:27pm
by Wolf_
Looking for a master? DJ Sith 1435 Jun 02 07:03pm
by Eibon
10th Anniversary Tournament - Brackets and Discussion Masta 41 May 17 01:17am
by -=ParoSenatu=-
FAQ - Jedi Knight Trials Virtue 172 Aug 04 10:29pm
by Setementor
Looking for a padawan? DJ Sith 336 Jul 06 01:00pm
by Jacob c

Post Author Comments Last Activity
Save the Date! skyler_ 13 Sep 18 01:17pm
You know your an Olbie when.... Vaughn 891 Apr 30 05:43pm
by NofrikinfuN
HELLO??? Raydoe_Mintaka 16 Nov 22 03:11pm
by Laziana
TJA is ten! Share your experiences here Alex Dkana 96 May 20 03:52am
by Nimravus
Discord Server Virtue 4 Jan 02 02:05am
by Maher
Star Wars: Battlefront planK 17 Jun 23 05:35am
by SaberWeildinKow
POLL: New Server? Fullmetal D'Kana 17 Apr 22 09:56pm
by SilkMonkey
Old Maps Fullmetal D'Kana 7 Apr 09 01:13pm
by Tigerclaw
HNY Proteus D'Kana 3 Jan 27 12:32pm
by Maher
TJA soon to have its 12th Anniversary! MrDJSilva 13 Sep 05 05:35am
by GremReaper
Activity? Deimos 6 Jun 03 08:50pm
by Cuthalion
Major sales & activity boost on Jedi Academy MrDJSilva 7 Feb 27 07:16pm
by Dash Starlight
X-Mas Shenanigans 2014 Laziana 18 Dec 23 01:22pm
by Laziana
Unofficial TJA Website Project (cancelled) MrDJSilva 11 Nov 13 09:54pm
by Kelborn
Removed Hugo 3 Aug 21 08:33pm
by Masta
Server Jaina D'Kana 25 Aug 01 11:51am
by Dash Starlight
SWTOR-U.S. Republic-side JavaGuy 1 May 28 12:46pm
by R2D2
Only EU servers now? JavaGuy 2 May 24 02:47am
New Class? Jaina D'Kana 12 May 21 10:47pm
by Dash Starlight
New EU Public Server Virtue 18 May 05 12:30pm
by ZantuS
Padawan of / Padawans Ulic Belouve 4 Apr 28 09:16pm
by planK
Rented a US Server Kelborn 20 Apr 17 07:51pm
by MrDJSilva
Classes update Dash Starlight 4 Apr 01 11:49am
by Dash Starlight
Mmmmm! Rogue 2 Mar 16 12:45am
by MrDJSilva
Another great game! MrDJSilva 3 Mar 10 01:48pm
by Inferno
Xfire? Steam? Kelborn 3 Mar 08 07:45pm
by Cloud Senatu
Update? Cloud Senatu 4 Mar 07 07:57pm
by Cloud Senatu
Poll Post TJA Skype Group MrDJSilva 19 Mar 07 07:57pm
by Cloud Senatu
Activity Again! Cloud Senatu 12 Mar 07 04:21pm
by Cloud Senatu
Having issues with the JA Radio? MrDJSilva 4 Mar 07 04:19pm
by Cloud Senatu

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