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Improve your FPS/ping Jacen Aratan 102 Jan 09 04:54am
by Setementor
Running JK3 in Windows Vista Buzz 12 Nov 24 09:49pm
by MrDJSilva
Combo's list POST HERE PLEASE! Silent-sniper 75 Jan 31 12:55am
by Komence

Post Author Comments Last Activity
Poll Post Saber colors! Quill 26 Dec 09 03:41pm
by skyler_
Finding old clan mates Rango Tan 0 Aug 02 07:08pm
by Rango Tan
The State of Jedi Knight gerbilOFdoom 16 Jan 21 01:13am
by gerbilOFdoom
JKA Master Server Down MrDJSilva 0 Dec 19 02:30am
by MrDJSilva
Interest: A US base dueling server Kelborn 2 Nov 13 09:57pm
by Kelborn
Wich Hoster??? Astra 4 Jun 22 12:07pm
by Astra
New USA Server Up Kelborn 15 Apr 12 11:33pm
by bono_bob
Jedi Academy Multiplayer Fix for our EU Server MrDJSilva 0 Mar 10 11:56pm
by MrDJSilva
JKA ANYONE? MrDJSilva 2 Mar 04 04:17pm
by Kelborn
Jedi Academy SDK Setementor 6 Apr 04 06:32am
by Setementor
Who wants to hop on the US Home Server next week? MrDJSilva 6 Jan 05 09:43pm
by MrDJSilva
New site: JKHub Degor 1 Sep 01 02:06pm
by Jaiko D'Kana
Force power question Wolf_ 1 Jul 01 01:42am
by Setementor
Server Issues (fixed) Dark D'Kana 2 Dec 27 07:25pm
by Masta
Getting Jedi Academy running on Mac os 10.7+ Sajid 21 Oct 29 09:54pm
by Sajid
More corpses in jka Degor 2 Jul 21 11:54am
by Laziana
JA Skin Pack Cuthalion 1 Feb 21 11:25pm
by Augusta_Mintaka
Shortcut to the server Perry 22 Feb 13 07:35pm
by Cuthalion
jedi hear me darth tyranus 9 Feb 08 04:39pm
by Augusta_Mintaka
JA+ IS RLY GOOD planK 9 Feb 07 05:47pm
by planK
Poll Post Who Likes My NEW Avatar? Sajid 14 Jan 21 01:52am
by Quill
GL_Subsystem Error TheCrow21 8 Jan 15 05:32pm
by Dynex
Public FFA for the win Rahn del Sol 2 Jan 13 01:01pm
by Rahn del Sol
Full newbie Arias Salco 1 Dec 26 01:07pm
by Setementor
Fourth Single saber style Va'kion 11 Oct 06 01:46pm
by Va'kion
Chatbox Problem Sajid 4 Oct 06 01:43pm
by Va'kion
Help Please - Thank you! Flare 13 Sep 24 04:44am
by solitude
Spam or Game? help! Sajid 4 Aug 17 09:20pm
by Lok
Jedi Academy and Universal Binary Ashyr 6 Aug 16 07:25pm
by Sajid
Poll Post Screenies? Sajid 6 Aug 16 06:45pm
by Sajid

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